Updates from Margaret Ville (2H 2023)

Dear Margaret Ville Community,

Warm greetings! Let us continue to fostering an exceptional living experience for everyone in our community, and your cooperation plays a crucial role in achieving that.

Considerate Living: As we share our unique space, maintaining respect for our neighbors is paramount. We kindly request your cooperation in minimizing noise, particularly during quiet hours, to ensure everyone can enjoy their home.

Selling or Renting Your Units: If you’re contemplating selling or renting your unit, please consult with our management team if required. We’re here to guide you through this process, ensuring adherence to Margaret Ville’s standards and a smooth transition for incoming residents.

Renovations: Home renovations are exciting but can also be disruptive. If you’re considering renovation, inform management and your neighbors well in advance. Please adhere to approved working hours and ensure that debris is disposed of responsibly.

Deliveries: For seamless delivery (bulky) experiences, we ask that you inform management ahead of expected deliveries. This way, we can facilitate a smooth process and avoid unnecessary disruptions.

Facility Usage and Cleanliness: Our facilities are for the enjoyment of all residents. Please use them responsibly and ensure they are left clean for the next user. Let’s take collective responsibility for the cleanliness and upkeep of our shared spaces.

Community Engagement: We encourage everyone to participate in our community activities. These events are a wonderful opportunity to get to know your neighbors and build a sense of unity and camaraderie.

Your suggestions, concerns, or questions are always welcome. Let’s work together to ensure Margaret Ville continues to be a place we are all proud to call home.

Thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation.

Updates from Margaret Ville (4Q 2021)

Important: Please use the contact form and leave us your name and contact number, and your preferred bedroom if you wish to be contacted in the event of a bounce out unit. Use the remarks boxes for additional instructions you may have for us. Thank you. (Updated 4Q2021)

Regarding Margaret Ville Key Collection and unit moving in, please contact your lawyer or salesperson directly for more information. We are unable to release such information from this website or this channel. The key collection are also usually done in batches, your neighbours might be collecting slightly earlier due to batch categorisation. If you have an urgent reason, please consult your lawyer to communicate how your may be able to receive the key earlier and write in as needed.

If you have request to moving in furnitures and contractor businesses, please do ensure that a deposit is placed with the MCST office, we are committed to ensuring a safe environment for all. Please remind ur movers to take care of the lift and corridors that they will be using.

Due to the COVID-19 Situation, Margaret Ville visitations will be opened with the easing announcement of Phase 2/3 of Circuit Breaker regulations. Visitors are still welcomed, and will be done in accordances to Safe Distancing Measures and remotely for certain sales procedures. All government regulations will be followed closely. If you require a virtual presentation or information, please do not hesitate to use the contact form. Thank you and stay safe!

Margaret Ville Condo Singapore is now over 100% SOLD! We would like to congratulate all our buyers, we appreciate your support very much!

3bedroom units in Margaret Ville are currently fully sold. We have also revised Margaret Ville TOP date with accordance with the construction progress. TOP on paper is December 2021, based on current Margaret Ville construction progress, it could be early as Mid 2021. Please use this information carefully, as construction speeds may be faster or slower due to many external circumstances that cannot be controlled. (Update May 2020: Please note due to the COVID-19 situation, construction progress will be slightly affected, for more information please refer to your salesperson or your lawyers.)

Please refer to prices and remaining units below, prices and unit availability are subject to changes, please check with our salesperson or contact the showroom for latest info:

Margaret Ville Availability

Margaret Ville Sales Chart and Price. Please contact your salesperson for latest price.

  • Stack 1 (Type B2), last unit 39-01.
    • 39-01 @ 1.4891m (FULLY SOLD, updated)
  • Stack 2 (Type A2), last 3 units from level 36th and up
    • 36-02 @ 1.158m (FULLY SOLD, updated)
  • Stack 3 fully sold
  • Stack 4 (Type B3), last 6 units, from level 31st and up.
    • 38-04 @ 1.6524m (FULLY SOLD, updated)
  • Stack 5 (Type A1), last 2 units (FULLY SOLD, updated)
    • 39-05 @ 1.009503m
    • 38-05@ 1.004850m
  • Stack 6 (Type B1), last 2 units, from level 38th and up
    • 38-06 @ 1.314m (FULLY SOLD, updated)
  • Stack 7 fully sold
  • Stack 8 (Type D1) LAST 6 UNITS (FULLY SOLD, updated)
    • Avail Level #2, 3, 4, 19, 25 and 30
      • Price from 1.991654m to 2.282300m

All prices are subject to change and updated on best effort basis, you may also qualify for further discounts so please liase with your salesperson or contact us for final price confirmation. The past transaction page is also attached in Project Details page.

We kindly suggest that you register via our contact us page to secure any discounts you may be eligible for.

Feel free to get in touch with our sales executives for a free non-obligatory showroom walk-thru!

Margaret Ville Latest Transactions

Date Address Type of Sale Area
Type of Area Price
(S$ psf)
Purchaser Address
16 Apr 20 20 Margaret Drive #05-08 New Sale 1,184 Strata 1,694 2,006,354 N.A
7 Apr 20 20 Margaret Drive #21-08 New Sale 1,184 Strata 1,814 2,147,300 N.A
1 Apr 20 20 Margaret Drive #10-08 New Sale 1,184 Strata 1,723 2,040,654 N.A
23 Mar 20 20 Margaret Drive #09-08 New Sale 1,184 Strata 1,719 2,035,754 N.A
14 Mar 20 20 Margaret Drive #34-08 New Sale 1,184 Strata 1,839 2,177,854 N.A
14 Mar 20 20 Margaret Drive #12-08 New Sale 1,184 Strata 1,732 2,050,454 N.A
3 Mar 20 20 Margaret Drive #37-05 New Sale 463 Strata 2,153 996,633 N.A
3 Mar 20 20 Margaret Drive #27-07 New Sale 969 Strata 1,937 1,876,400 N.A
1 Mar 20 20 Margaret Drive #24-08 New Sale 1,184 Strata 1,790 2,119,054 N.A
26 Feb 20 20 Margaret Drive #23-08 New Sale 1,184 Strata 1,786 2,114,154 N.A
Date Address Type of Sale Area
Type of Area Price
(S$ psf)
Purchaser Address
24 Jan 20 20 Margaret Drive #39-06 New Sale 657 Strata 1,987 1,304,721 N.A
23 Jan 20 20 Margaret Drive #38-06 New Sale 657 Strata 1,981 1,300,959 N.A
20 Jan 20 20 Margaret Drive #26-08 New Sale 1,184 Strata 1,798 2,128,854 N.A
18 Jan 20 20 Margaret Drive #13-08 New Sale 1,184 Strata 1,736 2,055,354 N.A
15 Jan 20 20 Margaret Drive #17-08 New Sale 1,184 Strata 1,752 2,074,954 N.A
2 Jan 20 20 Margaret Drive #35-05 New Sale 463 Strata 2,136 988,713 N.A
2 Jan 20 20 Margaret Drive #30-08 New Sale 1,184 Strata 1,823 2,158,254 N.A
28 Dec 19 20 Margaret Drive #32-08 New Sale 1,184 Strata 1,831 2,168,054 N.A
14 Dec 19 20 Margaret Drive #21-08 New Sale 1,184 Strata 1,777 2,104,354 N.A
12 Dec 19 20 Margaret Drive #35-06 New Sale 657 Strata 1,952 1,281,951 N.A
9 Dec 19 20 Margaret Drive #33-08 New Sale 1,184 Strata 1,835 2,172,954 N.A
8 Dec 19 20 Margaret Drive #25-03 New Sale 915 Strata 1,785 1,633,005 N.A
3 Dec 19 20 Margaret Drive #34-06 New Sale 657 Strata 1,926 1,264,592 N.A
3 Dec 19 20 Margaret Drive #35-08 New Sale 1,184 Strata 1,843 2,182,754 N.A

Margaret Ville Entrance

Project Overview

Welcome to Margaret Ville

Margaret Ville is a 99 years condo situated along Margaret Drive, parallel to Commonwealth Avenue. It will have connectivity to Queenway and between Commonwealth and Queenstown MRT Station.

It is launched by MCL Land and it consists of only 309 units, from a 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom units. All units have spectacular facing and adorned with the highest quality appliances and furnishings. Margaret Ville Price and Margaret Ville Finishings will set a new benchmark in District 3. Margaret Ville Prices are set very attractively and every unit are fitting with Turkish/Italian marbles, with tempered glass finishings for the kitchen cabinets, Fisher and Paykel Appliances and Miele Hood and Hob.

Our showroom is not situated on the actual site, if you would like to be sent a location map for easy travelling and convenience, simply let us know. Send us a message, call, or via contact form. We will try our best to get back to you as soon as we can.

The site is within URA’s Queenstown Planning area. Comparative developments in the area includes Queens Peak, Queens, One North, Commonwealth Towers, Metropolitan, and Ascentia Sky. Situated along Margaret Drive, Margaret Ville offers tranquility, luxury, and exclusivity with only 309 units, that no other condominium developments along Queentowns/Commonwealth Dr can offer.

Having a strong transport connectivity, residents Margaret Ville will have a wide range of shopping, dining and entertainment options over at nearby Queensway Shopping Centre, shopping for furnishings at IKEA Alexandra and also the brand new Alexandra Central. We are also a very short drive away from the up and coming Holland Enclave developed by Far East Organization.

Margaret Ville Pano View

Developer’s Factsheet

Margaret Ville Location Map

Price Guide

Margaret Ville Interior

Unit Mix

The development will consist of smaller investor-grade units from 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom units. The units across 1 to 4 br will have no distinction between the quality of the materials used for the flooring, bathroom, kitchen cabinets, bedroom cabinetry systems, and brand of appliances. The smart home systems will apply across all units, and the overhead storage systems will also be made available across all bedroom types. Please check out our pre-approved balcony screening in our 1+S showroom!

Here are the proposed unit mix by the developer:

Note that Margaret Ville will have 40 storey units, with the units starting from level 2 onwards. Each floor serves with 4 lifts.

*Showflat units will be showcasing 1, 2, and 3 Bedroom.

Margaret Ville Lobby

Queenstown Planning Area

Margaret Drive Estate, also known as Duchess Estate, was formed as part of the Queenstown satellite town, the first of its kind in Singapore.

Named in honour of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, Queenstown was built by the Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT), and later the HDB when it took over SIT
(and hence it was also the first HDB estate in Singapore). The streets and locations in Queenstown were named after members of the British Royal Family.

Queenstown is planned with a comprehensive range of facilities to meet the needs of residents. These include housing, shops, schools, libraries, sports facilities, community clubs and parks – all important in ensuring a liveable, self-sufficient town. Facilities are available to ensure good accessibility, supported by an efficient transport network. Queenstown vicinity also have multiple commercial nodes and other employment centres such as industrial estates and business parks.

As many of us may not be aware, Margaret Drive is a road with much heritage. This area was also known as Duchess Estate, and it was formed as part of Queenstown satellite town. The streets and location in Queenstown were named after members of the British Royal Family.

Margaret Drive was named after Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth II.

Margaret Ville Queenstown Masterplan

Why Invest in Margaret Ville Singapore

Margaret Ville Singapore Aerial View
  • Excellent Connectivity

  • Near Prestigious Schools and Education Hub

  • Centralized Location and Minutes to Orchard Road, Vivocity, CBD and Marina Bay

  • Strong Tenant Base from Surrounding Business Parks such as One-North, Mediapolis, Science Park

  • Great for Families near good schools and strong amenities

  • Potentially high rental demand

With the launch of Margaret Ville Condo Singapore, MCL has set a new and very high benchmark for coming projects in the same or similar districts.

You will expect the highest standards of service from our sales team, feel free to ask for any information that will help you to make an informed decision.

Our Appointed Team by the Developers are very experienced in the housing developments in the area with great expertise and knowledge in the investment outlook of Singapore.

With the launch of Serangoon North MRT Station, do check out Affinity at Serangoon as it’s a great potential buy now!